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Discover three of our timeless house blends, steeped in heritage and crafted over a century ago. Experience the flavour of history, today!

Our collection includes our Algerian Special, Gourmet Noir, and Gourmet Mullate. 

A fabulous gift for those who wish to explore our coffees. 

Discover the centuries-old richness of our Heritage Selection Box.

Start with Algerian Special, a high-roast Colombian blend that is strong and smooth with a balanced acidity and notes of cocoa, butter, and nuts.

Then savour Gourmet Noir, a full-bodied, high-roast Brazilian blend of cocoa, nuts, and smokiness.

Finally, indulge in Gourmet Mulatte, a medium roast Brazilian blend of nut and raisin flavours. Enjoy the robust taste that's stood the test of time.

Pack includes 3 x 175G of each coffee. 

Available in BEANS, FINE GROUND (suitable for espresso/paper filter) or MEDIUM GROUND (suitable for cafetieres/permanent filters).