Traditional Sicilian dessert, from the family-run business Donna Elvira, opened in 1999 and known for their ancient recipes.

Deliciously moist, soft and sweet creation with an incredible citrus flavour, crafted from Sicilian Cedro (citron) peel, honey and organic cane sugar. The honey used in this product is produced in only a very small area of Sicily (in the Hyblean mountains in the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa). What characterises this honey is the combination of sensory qualities related to the rich and varied local flora - it has a distinctive colour and flavour.

Ready to slice, the Cedrata salami can be eaten as a dessert or as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. It is made from completely natural ingredients and contains no additives, preservatives or colourants of any type.

Price x 200g

Ingredients: Honey, citron peel, sugar. 
May contain traces of nuts, milk, eggs and flour.
Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy: 868kJ / 207kcal
Fat: 0.1g
of which saturates: 0.0g
Carbohydrates: 56.7g
of which sugars: 51.4g
Protein: 0.8g
Salt: 9.1 g