A true gourmet tropical, fruit preserve. Mixing banana, bourbon vanilla and rum from the Antilles! A subtle marriage of flavors to spread generously on toast, pancakes, crumpets or cake. For the true gourmands, enjoy it by the spoonful. As a dessert or for breakfast, this exceptional fruit preserve is a true ode to exoticism!

Maison Francis Miot is celebrating over 30 years of jam making. It started first in 1985 when the South-West of France native jam maker Francis Miot, introduced his first handmade jams. Nowadays, the Maison Francis Miot creates and provides jams, but also confectioneries and handmade fine chocolates, manufactured with care and passion by a team of 35 gourmets! Francis Miot has become a very famous French jam maker, of course, because of the number of awards he has received but also thanks to his large smile and unique moustache!

Price x 100G

Ingredients: Banana 50%, orange, cane sugar 19%, white rum 5%, bourbon vanilla, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin and agar-agar.

Nutritional Values per 100G
Energy: 643 kJ/152 KCal
Fat 0.5g
Carbohydrates 32G
of which are sugars 30G
Protein 0.8G
Salt 0.01G