A caffeinated, keto, low sugar coffee & walnut spread blended with pumpkin seeds and coconut. 

Coffee used is a gorgeous rich blend from Ethiopia. 

This whole jar contains about the same amount of caffeine as two/thirds of a single espresso.

We've been sent several nut butter samples to try over the years but these are the only ones we have loved enough to put on our shelves. These nut butters are made by a small independent UK business Nutcessity who pride themselves on using only organic ingredients, are peanut-free with no added sugars or oils. Their packaging is also 100% plastic-free!

Price x 180g Jar.

Winner of: 'Best Vegan Cupboard Product' and '1 Star Great Taste Awards'.

Created by Mike - allergic to peanuts, but nut butter obsessed.

Whilst at University in Australia in 2013, Mike had his first taste of nut butter. It was a total revelation. With his degree behind him, and after lots of experimenting, questioning & travelling, he started Nutcessity in August 2016.

Nutcessity exists to make delicious organic nut butters that contain no peanuts or gluten; no palm oil or added sugar. They taste great and make you feel great.

For over 3 years Mike made all his nut butter himself from his home kitchen, with the aid of various blenders. Because of such high demand, he started working with a specialist UK manufacturer in February 2020, who've since made the products taste even better than before!

Organic Ingredients: WALNUT* (35%), pumpkin seed*, coconut*, ground Fairtrade coffee beans* (2.5%), pink Himalayan salt.
(* = verified organic).May contain traces of SESAME or other NUTS. See allergens in CAPITALS). Unsuitable for children and people who are pregnant. 

Made-in UK
Vegan - Organic - No Added Sugar - No Added Oil - High Fibre - Plastic-Free - Packaging - No Caffeine - Peanut-Free

Calories: 2732Kj/661Kcal
Fat (saturated): 58.6g (18.9g)
Carbohydrate (sugars): 18.4g (2.9g)
Fibre: 8.2g
Protein: 19.1g
Salt: 0.09g
Caffeine: 37mg