A lightly salted, slightly sweetened pecan butter, whipped with toasted coconut, toasted pumpkin seeds and Canadian maple sugar. Great on toast, banana bread, waffles or porridge!

Made by a small independent UK business, Nutcessity, who pride themselves on using only organic ingredients, are peanut-free with no added sugars or oils. Their packaging is also 100% plastic-free!

Price x 180g Jar.

Created by Mike - allergic to peanuts, but nut butter obsessed.

Whilst at University in Australia in 2013, Mike had his first taste of nut butter. It was a total revelation. With his degree behind him, and after lots of experimenting, questioning & travelling, he started Nutcessity in August 2016.

Nutcessity exists to make delicious organic nut butters that contain no peanuts or gluten; no palm oil or added sugar. They taste great and make you feel great.

For over 3 years Mike made all his nut butter himself from his home kitchen, with the aid of various blenders. Because of such high demand, he started working with a specialist UK manufacturer in February 2020, who've since made the products taste even better than before!

Organic Ingredients:  PECANS (40%), coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, maple sugar (2.5%), panela (unrefined sugar) & unrefined salt*. (* = verified non-organic).
May contain traces of SESAME or other NUTS.

Made-in UK
Vegan - Organic - No Added Sugar - No Added Oil - High Fibre - Plastic-Free - Packaging - No Caffeine - Peanut-Free 


Calories: 2654Kj /640 Kcal
Fat (saturated): 58.4g (20.5g)
Carbohydrate (sugars): 10.2g (8.4)g
Fibre 7g
Protein 13.9g
Salt 0.26g