A colourful herbal and caffeine free tea, deliciously fragrant with a summer floral scent with no bitter aftertaste. Amaranth is known to contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and offers many health benefits. Is said to combat coughs, sore throats and to reduce cholesterol and reduce fatigue. This tea is sweet, mellow and refreshing with a pure and fresh fragrance.

These beautiful petals can also be used for cake decorating but not only! If you like to make your own candles, potpourri or soaps, these petals are a great addition to your crafts.

Infuse in water just off the boil (95 C), you can also crush the petals before brewing to release the oils and aroma. Brew for around 5-7 minutes.

Can be sweetened with honey or a little sugar. It can also be blended with green tea.
Delicious also cold with a splash of lemon for a cool refreshing beverage.

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