A new exciting product from the award-winning company, Feel Good, who work with organic and fairtrade farmers and use only the finest organic unroasted green coffee beans.

Feel Good Coffee is a Coffee made from unroasted organic green coffee beans. This means you can enjoy all the benefits from the caffeine and the natural antioxidants that are usually lost when roasted. 

Unroasted green bean coffee contains naturally occurring ingredients such as Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) a natural antioxidant and caffeine that has shown to provide health benefits as follows:

  • Shown to balance sugar levels
  • Shown to help boost metabolism
  • Enhances energy levels and concentration
  • Shown to improve alertness
  • Shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol
  • A natural detox
  • Shown to improve overall immune health.

Each green been coffee bag contains no more than 45mg of caffeine.

Price x 14, 3g Bags

EXP 31/5
Brewing Instructions:
One green bean coffee bag per cup, pour over boiling water and leave to brew for 5-6 minutes. We recommend 1 or 2 coffee envelopes per day to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from the active ingredients in the Green Bean.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Green Bean Coffee