A very popular tea in China, it’s said to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe colds or flu as well as help with digestive issues.

Since 859AD, honeysuckle has been considered one of the most important herbs for releasing poison from the body and reducing fever. The three main parts of the honeysuckle plant that are used medicinally are the flowers, stem and flower buds. The flowers have been used to make a syrup that has been used as an expectorant for bad coughs and asthma.

It is used to cool and reduce fevers, it is known to reduce ulcers, sore throat and it is said that it strengthens general health. 

A very popular choice for iced tea as it has a surprisingly sweet and refreshing flavour and a light floral scent. Perfect for the upcoming summer months. Or why not make a honeysuckle syrup to add to your drinks and baked goods!

Delicious combined with honey, mint and lemon.

Infuse in water off the boil (90-95 degrees) and steep for up to 4 minutes.

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