Sweetly aromatic Tulsi is an ancient herb for our busy, modern times. Also known as Holy Basil, it is traditionally used to support the body, promoting everyday wellbeing and vitality. It has been blended with lemon balm, lime flower and hemp seed for a deliciously upbeat, blues-busting cup.

Dragonfly is an independent British family company rooted in five generations of tea expertise. They are passionate about sharing authentic and delicious teas from around the world taking time to ensure that with every harvest they get the taste right. 

A feel-good, caffeine-free tea. 

Price x 20 Teabags (20 individually sealed string & tag sachets (40g). The tea bags are folded and stitched, contain no plastic and are staple free.)

Made in the UK.

Brew time
For a perfect cup use fresh, boiled water. Infuse for 2-4 mins according to taste.

Ingredients: Organically grown tulsi vana, lemon balm, limeflower, ginger, spearmint, hemp seed, peppermint and fennel seed.


We are reducing our tea selection and this tea will no longer be available to buy from our Store once sold out.