A premium grade white Chinese tea with silky silvery buds that have been air dried which means the level of antioxidants present are up to three times more than other varieties. This tea has a fresh light taste with hints of peach.

History tells us that in 1739AD a tea grower found himself in debt to a local mercenary who announced that he had a year to pay back his bet or he would return and claim the tea growers only daughter. The grower began to pray every day and one night he and his wife had the same dream, a pair of doves who told them to follow them in the woods where they can discover a new type of tea unknown to man and how to pick it. The next morning they found the wild tea, picked it according to the doves' instructions and started processing it. A few days later, the tea was sold at the local market and enough money was made to clear their debt and save their daughter. From that day the tea was named 2 Dove Silver Needle.


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