There aren’t many things more refreshing than a cup of Earl Grey. Brew & Co never use flavour granules on the leaves, so the brews taste less like hot perfume, and more like tea. Perfect.

These Earl Grey teabags contain 3g of tea per bag.

Brew & Co only ever use rolled whole leaves which make for a smoother, richer brew and all of their tea-based blends use a base of rolled whole leaves. No dust, ever.
Brew & Co use all-natural ingredients and only ever use completely natural herbs, fruits and oils; nothing dodgy or artificial. 
The teabags are 100% plastic-free and compostable (made of cornstarch), and they are currently working on making all of their tea packaging the same.

They are proud to be a Certified B Corporation - a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They became the 146th certified B Corp in the UK!

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE: The little frog stands for a blend certified by Rainforest Alliance. These accredited farms control water pollution and waste, work towards safer working practices, and engage in sustainable farming practices too. A win for awesome tea, and a win for the planet!

ETHICAL TEA PARTNERSHIP: Being a member of Ethical Tea Partnership means that the tea is sourced from tea estates that have good working practices. They uphold the local union agreements and laws, as well as constantly working to improve workers’ education, wages, and working conditions.

Price x 15 teabags

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals.

Tea packed in Manchester. 


We are reducing our tea selection and this tea will no longer be available to buy from our Store once sold out.