Commonly found in South East Asia, this herbal, caffeine-free tea that has been popular for centuries but only recently has been introduced to tea drinkers throughout the world. Used also as a dye but also in cooking such as Malaysian dish Nasi Kerabu, this flower turns blue when added to hot water and purple when added to lemon juice. 

Commonly mixed with honey and lemon and consumed after meals for a warm cup or drank cold adding honey, mint, cinnamon, passionfruit and ginger. 

This tea produces an earthy cup of herbal tea and is rich in antioxidants. It is said to be a mood enhancer and may help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety but at the same time keeping you energised. The tea is known to have benefits for healthy hair and skin as it also contains flavonoids and anthocyanin, a compound that is known to increase blood circulation. 

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