From Dolci Pensieri di Calabria who are fig experts but who also excel in turning citrus fruits into delicious treats!

Cedro is a large fragrant citrus fruit with a thick rind which is renown for being very aromatic and rich in oils. These candied Cedro peels have been cut into chunky strips and covered with extra-dark chocolate. If you love the intense taste of citrus fruits and their aroma, you have to try these!

Price x 150g

Ingredients: Italian Cedro (origin: Calabria), glucose syrup, fructose (wheat), sugar, colourant E131, Acidifier: E330, conservative E220 (as residue). Extra dark chocolate cover: cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla extract
May contain traces of milk protein and nuts.  

Made in Italy

Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy: 1366kJ / 325kcal
Fat: 12 g
of which saturates: 7g
Carbohydrates: 50g
of which sugars: 46g
Protein: 2.2g
Salt: 0.14 g