Makaibari, found in the foothills of the Himalayas has a rich history. The tea factory on the estate is the first in the world established in 1859. The tea is golden-brown with silvery tips which develop a full soft and aromatic taste and reddish liquor. 

Darjeeling tea is renowned for its excellence and often displays muscatel flavours and floral aromas. Darjeeling lies to the northeast of India, among the Himalayas, in the state of West Bengal. Every morning, as the mist rises from the mountains, tea pluckers make their way up the steep mountain paths toward the 87 gardens that have been producing the black teas of Darjeeling. The gardens are in fact plantations that, at times, stretch over hundreds of acres. But, they are still ‘gardens', because all tea grown here carries the name of the estate, or garden, in which it is grown.

Tea Grade: TGFOP
Denotes tea from the end bud and first leaf of each shoot. FOP contains fine tender young leaves rolled with the correct proportion of tip. Tippy denotes a large proportion of golden tips present in the tea.


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