A delicious bar of chocolate by Majani! Smooth milk chocolate filled with the rich and nutty Fiat cream.

Price x 100G Bar 

Ingredients: Extra milk chocolate (cocoa solids 31% minimum) filled with hazelnut and almond cream (50%) - (hazelnut in the filling 21% - almond in the filling 20%). Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, hazelnut, almond, cocoa paste, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and fat (coconut, cocoa, sunflower, olive), emulsifier soya lethicin, vanilla. May contain traces of other nuts.  Gluten Free and Palm Oil Free!

Nutritional Info per 100G
Energy: 2337 kJ - 561 kcal
Fat: 37G of which are saturates 13G
Carbohydrates: 49G of which are sugars 45G
Protein: 7.3G
Salt: 0.27G