A delicious spread combining two favourites, fruit and honey. The honey brings a natural sweetness to the apricots, a fantastic pairing!  This jam is a sugar-reduced type with 30% fewer calories than the Extra Jam range from Granny's Secret. 

This jam is perfect on toast, yoghurt, granola or tarts and cakes.

Price x 230G Jar

Produced from 70G fruit to 100G of product.
Ingredients: Apricots, honey (40%), gelling agent: pectin, antioxidant ascorbic acid.

Please note, there is a possible presence of pits. Made in Serbia.

Nutritional Info per 100G:
Energy: 694kJ/ 164kCal
Fat: 0.17G of which saturates 0G
Carbohydrates: 39G of which are Sugars 36G
Fibre: 1.2G
Protein: 0.9G
Salt: 0G