Dried Chinese Jasmine flowers, nearly neutral in flavour, added to teas they create a visually beautiful blend without affecting the taste profiles of the tea.

Ironically these same Jasmine flowers would have been used in China to make Jasmine tea, delicately scenting the fresh green tea with their ethereal character. The best Jasmine flowers become available in early May in Fujian province. During this time the aroma in the fields of Jasmine can be intoxicating and probably one of the most memorable scents to which you could be exposed. It is when these flowers become available that they are used to scent green tea - resulting in Jasmine Tea.

The flowers are used up to 9 times (depending upon their flavor and the time of year they are plucked). The process is a layer of fresh jasmine flowers, tea, flowers, tea etc. Between each layer, there is a fine mesh which keeps the flowers separated from the tea. Since Jasmine flowers are very expensive they are used repeatedly but by the 9th time, the flavor in the flowers is virtually exhausted. At this point, they are unusable in this particular form so are used for blending components for visual presentation of tea.