Yerba Mate La Merced Original Campo & Monte is produced using a mixtures of the yerba used for the two blends. See below for exact descriptions. The blend combines the smooth of the Campo together with the wild of the Monte and is harmonious and agreeable with subtle wild overtones.
La Merced Original de Campo
Produced using yerbas that have adapted to growing in meadows and on the red hills of Corrientes. So these conditions give this blend a very particular taste. This is further accentuated by maturing over an extended period of over a year.
La Merced Monte
Produced from plants born in areas of lush, natural forests. The abundant rains, the richness of the earth and the high temperatures of the subtropical jungle give the yerba mate an intense flavour. It has a slightly bitter undertone.
Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate

Price x 500G