Sometimes it is nice to mix things up, so we will have on offer two or three specially chosen coffees, never previously sold, for you to try. Each coffee will only be available until stocks last.

Our new guest coffee is from Costa Rica Santa Anita.

Coffee production has shaped the country socially, culturally and politically over the years. Although it only produces a mere 1% of the world's coffee production, the quality of the coffee is high due to it being illegal to cultivate anything other than a 100% arabica bean in Costa Rica. 

The Santa Anita estate is a family-run farm situated in the West Valley and has been run by 5 generations of coffee connoisseurs. They only produce small batches but the quality of the bean is most certainly recognisable.

We have roasted this bean as a Light Italian and it has a rich body, a floral aroma and a caramel, toffee flavour with a punchy aftertaste. 

A versatile roast and suitable for all coffee makers.