Steenbergs Organic Orange Flower Water - or Organic Orange Blossom Water - is a deliciously floral orange blossom water that has that summery feel.

Used in Lebanese cookery, or just use it in baking or sprinkled onto fruit salads. Use it sparingly to flavour creme caramel or creme brulee, egg custards, fruit salads, pannacotta, rice puddings or over your strawberries and cream, replacing the vanilla extract in these recipes for orange blossom water.  And if you feel daring, sprinkle it over chicken that is being roasted towards the end of the cooking time, or even a Middle Eastern lamb. 

Steenbergs Organic Orange Flower Water is a wonderful floral ingredient often used in Middle Eastern cooking in both savoury and sweet foods (such as baklava), but sadly has fallen from use in British cuisine except in the making of marzipan. In Mexico, orange flower water is used for the creation of little wedding cakes. In western cooking, orange flower water is probably best known for flavouring madeleines.  Try using Steenbergs Organic Orange Blossom Water in homemade ice-creams, adding it to custards, cream and yoghurt or over fruit.

Price x 100ml Glass Bottle

Ingredients: water, organic orange blossom extractives

Country of Origin: France, Morocco, Tunisia

Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy: 2kJ / 0kcal
Fat: 0g
of which saturates: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Protein: 0.1g