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Delicious and unique! Whisky Smoked Glazed Cashews provide a triple hit of smoke with a glaze made using Hawkhead's own smoked salt and smoked sugar. Pair with a sherry cask whisky, or an ice-cold beer, or just simply to snack on. 

The smooth texture of a cashew nut makes it ideal for smoking. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins... but not all cashews were created equally. Sourced only from certified organic, agroforestry growers in India, ensuring premium quality.

Price x 65G

Hawkhead Whisky Smoked in the west of Scotland uses only aged whisky casks from Scottish distilleries in their smokery.

Scotland is renowned for its rich larder – with whisky at the heart of its global reputation. Contained in every drop of Scotch is a 500-year-old story of malting, distilling, ageing and skill. And from Viking times to the present day, foods preserved through salting and smoking have been a staple of both winter survival and royal banquets in Scotland.

By the time Hawkhead use the oak wood casks will have been in service for up to 70 years, during which time they will have been flame-charred and refilled with whisky several times over.

As they break down and then heat in the smoker, one by one the layers of spirit are released and the aroma is transferred into their salts, cashews and syrups, giving them that comforting fireside flavour.



Nutritional Information

Nutritional Values: Typical Values per 100g:
Energy 2296KJ, 554kcal, Fat 45g of which saturates 8.9g Carbohydrate 20g of which sugars 7.9g Protein 17g Salt 2g


Ingredients: CASHEW NUTS (NUTS), Smoked Sugar, Smoked Salt, Water, Whisky Oak Smoke.