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A pack of 2 rubber seals and 1 filter for your new version of Classic and Pop Carmencita stovetop coffee pot. 

Sizes available:
 - 1 Cup (Approx. Outer ⌀ : 5.2cm, Inner ⌀: 4cm, Depth: 3mm)
 - 2 Cup (Approx. Outer ⌀ : 5.7cm, Inner ⌀: 4.3cm, Depth: 3mm)
 - 3 Cup (Approx. Outer ⌀ : 6.6cm, Inner ⌀: 5.1cm, Depth: 3mm)
 - 6 Cup (Approx. Outer ⌀ : 7.1cm, Inner ⌀: 5.5cm, Depth: 3mm)

Please note that these ARE NOT suitable for the older versions of Carmencita. Please do measure the seals you have to ensure they fit. We sadly do not have any of the older ones as these have been discontinued.