100% Raw and Hand-cut from the frame and boxed straight from the hive, this highly prized seasonal delicacy has a full-bodied flavour of the Highland moors that pairs perfectly with cheese, charcuterie fruit and desserts. An excellent addition to any party, dinner or breakfast table.

Scottish Heather Comb Honey is only available in limited supply after each heather honey harvest season which occurs at the end of November of each year.

Established in 1945, Heather Hills Farm is a traditional family-run honey farm based in the Highlands of Perthshire - the heartland of Scotland. They specialise in a selection of 100% pure, raw, monofloral and polyfloral honeys and handmade preserves. Starting off with just one hive in 1945, they now have 1300 hives across Perthshire and Deeside - the most beautiful and unpolluted parts of the UK. This relatively small-scale ensures their hives are regularly and well spaced out in small batches by zones. This means that the bees have plenty of opportunity to roam - up to a 5 mile radius of each hive - giving a superior quality product. A bigger producer would normally cram around 100 hives into the same space thus reducing the quality of the product. In an age of mass production and bulk processing, their honey is collected and extracted using traditional methods to ensure that the enzymes, protein and natural goodness of their honey stays within it and are not destroyed during the harvesting, separating or bottling processes. This produces artisan, raw honey of a far superior quality and distinctive flavour which retain their natural benefits. In wine terms, their award-winning Scottish Heather Honey is the Champagne of Honeys due to the geographical location of their hives, the terrain and the climate

Winner of the Great Taste Award 2018.

Price x 200g