Lam Dong is renowned for its Arabica coffee production. Grown at elevations between 1400m and 1600m above sea level the stunning views and carved hillsides reveal over 23,000 hectares totally devoted to Arabica plantations. The terrain offers the perfect conditions for growing coffee, rich volcanic mountain soil, and the highland elevations contribute to slow, even development of the coffee cherry, therefore, leading to a sweeter, better cup of coffee.

The province capital, Dalat City, carries memories of Indochina, preserving the colonial charm and serenity of an Asiatic-French fusion.

Unlike our traditional Sweet Vietnamese coffee that is roasted in butter, this Arabica is a standard bean that is roasted as a High Roast.

Well balanced with mild sweet acidity, full-body sweet fig and raisin, and rich chocolate and tobacco notes.

Great for filter and espresso.

Beans: Arabica

Process: Wet-Hulled




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