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Our coffee bags can be recycled! Yay!

Unfortunately most councils do not recycle soft plastics within home collections but the great news is that there are many recycling points at large supermarkets where you can drop off your soft plastic for recycling. 

Please wash and clean your coffee bags, remove any cellotape and then take them to your nearest recycling point. You can find your nearest point here: Recycle Now

If you are visiting our shop please do feel free to bring back your old bags to be refilled with your coffee. We are happy to keep using them. Alternatively you may always bring along your coffee containers for us to fill directly! 

Our kraft tea packaging is also recyclable, separate the lining and paper, remove any cellotape and stickers, and pop them in to your home recycling.

If your tea comes sealed in a plastic bag, these can be taken to your nearest soft plastic recycling point.