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Delicious black Yunnan BOP pressed into heart shapes. These hearts are inspired by one of the most famous and tragic love stories, of star-crossed lovers Anthony and Cleopatra.

Mark Anthony living in Alexandria, Eygpt falls in love with Cleopatra. Over the years they are separated by trials, war, and bloodshed. When he was defeated by his brother-in-law Ceasar, he could not live with it so killed himself by falling on his sword. Hearing the news by messenger, Cleopatra follows by poisoning herself with the venom of an asp. They were reunited, eternally, in death. 

Like love the hearts are symbols of the fragility and unfurl when brewed in hot water.  

The pressing of tea into shapes is a tradition that dates back to the early Song dynasty, 960-1279 BC. They were never meant to be permanent pieces of art but to represent the impermanence of life, love, and happiness on earth. Today, the traditions continue and the stories and fables of life and love serve as inspiration for the creation of modern tea pieces. 

Use 1 heart per cup. Leave to steep in boiled water for 3-5 minutes.