This large-leaf Assam produces a delightful amber cup with a full body and malty flavour. Assam Leaf makes for a delicious tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Grown on the rolling plains by the Brahmaputra river that weaves its way through valleys and hills, Assam is famous for its smooth malty flavour. A taste crafted by the region’s rich loamy soil, unique climate, and liberal rainfall.  Assam is not just the largest contiguous tea-growing area in the world. It is also a refuge for endangered species like the One-horned Rhino, Red-headed Vulture, and the Hoolock Gibbon and of course, mind-boggling diversity. 

Tea Grade: TGFOP
Denotes tea from the end bud and first leaf of each shoot. FOP contains fine tender young leaves rolled with the correct proportion of tip. Tippy denotes a large proportion of golden tips present in the tea.