Huehuetenango is often considered the most distinguished and perhaps the best of Guatemalan coffees. Grown in the highlands of northern Guatemala.

Pronounced “Way-way-te-NAN-go”, Huehuetenango is a coffee with a sweet aroma, bright acidity, a full body and delicate fruity notes, and hints of butter and chocolate. Huehue’s geographic growing conditions help to make this coffee delicious! We have roasted this coffee high to bring out the cocoa and bittersweet notes, so it is dark, oily, and luscious.

Huehuetenango works well in any method of home brewing…if you like your coffee dark and strong!

Guatemala is the 2nd  largest producer of coffee in Central America and the 9th largest in the world!

Huehuetenango is one of Guatemala’s three non-volcanic regions, as well as its highest and driest under cultivation, making it one of the best for coffee production. Currents of hot air sweep up from the Plains of Tehuantepec, in Oaxaca, Mexico, and mix here with the cool air descending from the Cuchumatanes Mountains, creating a microclimate that is protected from frost and allowing coffee to be cultivated at up to 2,000 meters. Huehuetenango’s extreme remoteness requires that nearly all producers process their own coffee. Fortunately, the region has abundant rivers and streams, making it relatively easy for producers to set up mills.


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