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Beginning with specially selected long, new tea leaves, the tea is tied together and the centre leaves are cut and the outer leaves remain long. The outer leaves are then painstakingly rolled into a light ball. The tea is then steamed and dried with fresh jasmine flowers which impart their delicate aroma. When brewed the outer leaves uncurl and the tea ball resembles a chrysanthemum flower with long petals on the outside and short on the inside. The Chrysanthemum implies tranquility, beauty, longevity and health.

Price per tea ball.

Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine scent.

How they are created

  1. The tea is processed and dried as normal, then sorted to extract the longer leaves and pieces.
  2. The tea is then moistened so that the leaves can be bent and shaped without breaking.
  3. After carefully being formed into shape with the flower tightly secured inside, it is then expertly tied together ready to be used. 

Brewing Instructions
Brew your flowering tea ball by adding water just off the boil, approx. 90 degrees, preferably into a clear teapot, or large glass, and gently place the tea ball inside. The leaves will soften and you will see it flowering in a few minutes. Leave the ball for at least five minutes, pour and enjoy!