A lovely coffee with a rich, intense flavour, full-body, low acidity….and interesting story…  Named Old Brown because the beans have been aged, turning them from green to light brown.

Grown on the mineral-rich slopes of Java in the volcanic soil, Old Brown Java is aged for a period of at least two years, where the fresh green beans are exposed to the warm, moist air of the rainy season. The ageing process turns the beans from green to light brown in colour, intensifying their strength and flavour, while losing acidity. The flavour of these arabica beans is unique, well balanced with earthy flavours, hints of sweetness and notes of spice.

Coffee was introduced to Indonesia in the late 1600s, and exports began not long after, under the control of the Dutch East India Company. Old Brown Java, also known as Old Government Java, coffee was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships plying the spice trade around the islands of Indonesia.  The moist, salty, warm air beneath the waterline in the ship’s hull prematurely aged the coffee giving it its brown colour and heavy-bodied character.  Well, it was obviously enjoyed as these days the conditions are recreated and the coffee is left to age in order to bring out the traditional characteristics and drunk all over the world!

Full roast. Great in filter and cafetiere. 

Beans: Arabica

Process: Aged


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