The Dominican Republic has a long coffee growing season. There are a variety of high alitutde growning regions and the coffee plants flowers at varying times so the country is able to produce coffee for much of the year. 

Most of the coffee farms in the Dominican Republic are less than eight acres in size, and much of the coffee is shade grown beneath native pine trees, guava trees, and macadamia nut trees. Sounds beautiful!  

Dominican coffee is considered a Carribbean coffee, much like the Jamaican and Puerto Rican but does not carry the same prestige, and therefore a smaller price! 

Approximately only 20% of the coffee produced is exported as they consume most themselves. 

Smooth with a perfect bite. Rich and full-bodied, mellow acidity with nutty notes. We have these beans available as a medium or high roast. 

Beans: Arabica

Process: Washed.