Inspired by the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the American decorative artist famous for his rose glass lamps. Legend has it that around the turn of the 19th century a tea trader visiting China from America brought with him a Tiffany lamp as a gift to plantations owner. The lamp was permanently displayed in the window of the home so could be viewed by all who passed. One of the plantations artisans became so mesmerized by the lamps colours one evening that he decided to create something of his own. He took some of the finest processed leaves he could find and plucked some fresh rosebuds. He painstakingly tied them together with string to evoke the shape of the lamp.
The tea has grassy green hints with rose notes.

Price per tea ball.

Ingredients: Green tea, pot Calendula blossom, globe Amaranth flower.

Brewing Instructions
Brew your flowering tea ball by adding water just off the boil, approx. 90 degrees, preferably into a clear teapot, or large glass, and gently place the tea ball inside. The leaves will soften and you will see it flowering in a few minutes. Leave the ball for at least five minutes, pour and enjoy!