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Very Strong

One of our classic House Blends created decades ago, and is still one of the favourites with our customers. Velluto Nero, meaning ‘black velvet’ in Italian, is a blend of Southern and Central American.....


One of our classic House Blends created decades ago, and still one of the favourites with our customers.

Velluto Nero (meaning ‘black velvet’ in Italian) is a blend of Southern and Central American high roast beans which makes it deliciously strong and smooth.  

A favourite blend for use in a stovetop espresso, but works well in all styles. Strong, smooth with a balanced acidity, a little robusta in the blend gives a good little punch and bite. 

Beans: Arabica & Robusta

Process: Natural & Washed

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Toby Reisz
The best in London

I have been buying coffee from you for over thirty years and the quality and service and choice is simply the best.

Robert Wilson
The best coffee in the world!

The wonderful thing about your service is wherever you live, even if remote you can still have lovely coffee!


Perfection in a cup which i have enjoyed daily for over 50 years! Never been disappointed.

Natasha Green McDonagh
Volluto Nero - perfect high roast

Along with Tres Rios, Volluto Nero is a long standing favourite of mine. Strong enough for espresso but also ideal for morning ground (how I drink it) it has the fullest flavour, and I’ve been drinking it for about ten years from the Algerian store. You can taste how fresh the beans are.

Stephen Arthur
The best coffee, reliably

I’ve been buying coffee from Algerian Coffee Stores for 10 years now. Their coffee is excellent and service to match.

I recommend them to my friends and to any coffee lover reading this review (Velluto Nero is my bean of choice).