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Are you what you drink?

Now, we are all coffee lovers, that is why we are joined together in this lovely Algerian Coffee Stores community. But, we all enjoy our coffee differently. Some of you love a medium roast, some love the darkest of beans, others rest in the middle with a full roast, and some don’t care just as long as it comes with caffeine!

But there have been some studies of our nation’s coffee drinkers that have determined what your desired coffee style says about you.

Now, realistically, there is no scientific basis to these claims, most of these studies have only been conducted with a couple of thousand people, looking at personality traits and cross referencing with choice of coffee, and some polls are based on people’s opinions of themselves – so let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly conclusive, but they are a bit of fun…..and therefore perfect for our blog!

So, lets see who we are and get to know each other (or ourselves) a little better.

I am referencing two studies, one by Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula who studied 1000 people, testing various personality traits and also asked what coffee they’d usually order. And she shares her findings, but also states “we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are our astrological signs”.

And secondly a study by Dunkin Donuts that polled a group of people and asked how they perceived themselves and what they drunk…and then went with the majority percentage.

So, black coffee drinkers tend to be “old-school” and efficient, often set in their ways, perhaps adverse to change. Preferring the simpler life. They may also be impatient, abrupt and moody. But are comfortable in their own skin.

Latte and cappuccino drinkers are often more likely helpful, open and generous, and you may be a bit of a people pleaser. Cappuccino drinkers can be perfectionists, obsessive and demanding – and a little sensitive. Flat whiters are honest and trustworthy. 

Iced coffee drinkers may be bold and spontaneous, imaginative, but may also be reckless. And 24% of those surveyed by Dunkin Donuts claimed to be the best lovers, and 12% claim to be the life and soul of the party.

This is a good one….Those who order decaffeinated or milk alternative drinks were more likely to be, controlling, obsessive or a perfectionist. (Or, maybe, you just can’t have caffeine or dairy!)

Instant coffee drinkers displayed more laid-back characteristics, but also procrastinate.

Double espresso drinkers were most likely to describe themselves as well read and travelled, and boasting a university degree.

40% of those who opt for a flavoured coffee describe themselves as funny.

Mocha drinkers rate themselves the sexiest.

White americano drinkers are straight talkers and hardworking.

So, how do you fair in this? What do you like to drink, and is any of this true to you?

I am a white americano drinker, and a hard worker. But I can also be impatient, childlike, and sometimes like to think of myself as funny and kind. Others may disagree!


I discovered Algerian Coffee Stores quite some time ago now, on a visit to London, and since discovering it I have always bought their Cafe Noir. That says it all I think.

Indeed you are what you drink. A flat white hits the spot. A double expresso in the morning . More often a filter coffee, wall mounted coffee grinder, unbleached filter paper and a warmed up mug. ( for a large pot of coffee, prewarm the pot, keep on gas stove on metal diffuser mat, then a double food warmer with 2 candlelights to keep the coffee and the milk hot – a strainer for the milk of course )…. Alas at the moment on new meds for cancer, so having less coffee…

I laughed out loud! In cafes and restaurants, I always order a double espresso, though usually macchiato. As well as graduating from 3 universities and having spent a good portion of my life abroad, the one thing my friends all say about me is that I am never without a book to read.

I started drinking my coffee black as my son was anaphylaxic to milk and it was something we could do together. Our obsession has grown, both with espresso machines and buying coffee from Algerian coffee shop whenever we’re in London. Setting the trend, now all his friends drink their coffee black and discuss the crema and flavour.

Piccolo is a go to coffee for me and I am on the same page as another post, even considering my epitaph to read –
Life was to short to drink bad coffee

All I know is that life’s too short to drink poor quality coffee!
So drink it however you prefer and enjoy the quality and range offered by Algerian Coffee Stores.

I’m 80 now, and in poor health,(almost entirely due to NHS incompetence). I.m reasonably fit, racing a Cornish Pilot gig until 5 yrs ago, I have a bunch of qualifications, BUT I have always drunk a double expresso.
So, What does that Prove?

Well good question. I like my coffee, simple, strong and black and from an aeropress with the occasional splash of hazelnut or coconut syrup. The blends you sell hit the mark and are the best yet! Thank you, not sure how I would be classified? A happy coffee drinker perhaps? 🤔

Algerian does a great range of coffee and I’m hunting for the perfect flavour using a Cafetière. It does exist.

Very interesting article. It seems I am most of the black coffee findings except I am not abrupt or moody ( my husbands observations ! When I go out I become a Flat White drinker. Yes, findings apply ( so says my husband!)
Well, it made my day so thank you !!!!!

An espresso drinker ( occasionally macchiato) seem to fit in with the description !
Keep these happy blogs coming
Miss you all but I am so far now from Old Compton Street
Thank Goodness for your website

‘You are what you drink’ sums it up pretty well for my Moroccan wife and my Welsh / English self.
For her, cappuccinos and she’s helpful, fairly open and generous whilst myself a strong black coffee drinker, I’ll openly admit to being impatient, grumpy and moody … I’m suprised we’re still married actually !

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