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To dunk, or not to dunk? That is the question. And the rather controversial topic of this blog.

I’ll admit – much to the dismay of many, I’m su...

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Are you what you drink?

Now, we are all coffee lovers, that is why we are joined together in this lovely Algerian Coffee Stores community. But, we all enjoy our coffee differently. Some of you lov...

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Cash vs Credit Card...

To follow, in a sort of way, from lasts months blog, I was inspired by another post I have seen doing the rounds on social media.

Remember in lockdown when you had those notes in your pur...

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Truths behind running a small business.

Daniela sent me a post she had read that hit home with her, and when I read it, I completely agreed. So, I wanted to share it with you all. I know that amongst those of you reading this there ar...

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All the fun at a Trade Show...

With March brings Spring - and the “new year” of Trade Shows. There are so many trade shows throughout the year, we can’t get to them all but there are a few we do to get to. It kicks off for us...

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Love in a mug.

It was a genuinely sad day for me this week. One of my lovely coffee mugs that I have had for about 15 years has had to be retired. As I was enjoying a delicious dark cup of El Salvador Red Bour...

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The small businesses of Soho.

Happy New Year (can we still say that?) and welcome to our first blog of 2023!

It is great to start the year off with some positive news! I Camisa & Son on Old Compton Street has had ...

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A Celebration of You.

As always, the inspiration for this month’s blog came from a conversation that started “What on earth shall I write about this month?!” Then, me and Daniela went off course and started discussin...

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The classic, and iconic, Irish Coffee.

The temperature is dropping, and colder months are incoming. We naturally turn towards a hotter drink to keep us warm. But what if you want a little tipple too? Perhap...

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Cascara - Have you heard of the tea made from coffee?

I do find it amusing where my inspiration for our monthly blog comes from. Usually I think, “What on earth am I going to talk about this month?!” and then I see something, hear something, do som...

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The history of the iconic Bialetti Moka Express

In Italy a Moka pot can be found in practically every kitchen. And the Moka Express, by Bialetti, is the iconic, and classic, machine.
This month we look at the history of Bialetti and their...

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Hot vs Cold. How do you like coffee as the weather hots up?

We have officially entered British Summertime!

This month’s topic is Hot vs Cold: When the weather heats up do you switch from your hot cuppa to a cold one? Or must you have your usual ho...

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