Welcome to our blog!

Hello and welcome to our first blog!

One of our new and exciting projects, we are bringing you a monthly blog. We are going to use this blog space to bring you news about the shop and what we are up to, information about all things coffee, from the cherry to processing, to roasting to brewing – and then recipes for all that lovely coffee! And in amongst it all…I may just have a chat…because it’s nice to talk with you all.

Things are starting to get busier in the shop, which is fantastic! It is really lovely to see some familiar faces once again, and some new ones. It is quite fun to see us all do double takes with each other – the, “Is it you? "look! With our masks on we are all masters of disguise, and there is always a hesitancy before we launch in to the loud “Hello! How are you?” and have a catch up.

Things are even busier behind the scenes as we are preparing ourselves for the winter season and (shhhhhhh, I shall it quietly……) Christmas. I know it is early to mention it but for us, Christmas starts around July. We are creating some really lovely gift options this year, including a new ”12 Days of Coffee” selection box, gift packs with coffee and confectionery and subscription offers. These will all be available to pre-order.

Keep an eye out on social media, or sign up for our newsletter to hear about them first! We shall be announcing them all in a couple of weeks...Exciting! 

We have chosen lots of lovely confectionery for you all for the winter season and we can’t wait to receive it….and of course, taste it! Many of the products are artisanal and seasonal so are being prepared as we speak and we hope to start taking delivery in October. Many of the products are made to order so once they are sold, we can’t get anymore so be sure to order all your treats in time!  - I will be making sure to grab my goodies!

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed our first little blog. If there is anything you would like to hear about in our blogs then let me know! Email me at sales@algcoffee.co.uk

Until next month!


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