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Coffee in your dessert. Heaven or Hell?

Now, I know we all love a cup of coffee - why else are we here together, right?! But what about coffee as a flavour in your desserts?

As I sat and pondered on a topic for this month’s blog ...
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A little trip down memory lane...

Algerian Coffee Stores has been in our family since 1946 and still remains a true family business. Daniela and I have been working alongside Dad for many years and helping him run the shop, and ...

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Algerian Coffee Stores through the years....

We thought this month we would do a little introduction to our shop and its history; we also have some fabulous old photos of the shop, its people, and some papers.
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Natural, Washed and Honey Processed coffee.

There are two main methods of coffee processing; natural or washed. Another method, pulped natural or honey processed is less common but we will have a brief look into all three....
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The Coffee Cherry

Welcome to our first blog of the year!

For our first blog I thought, why not start where our coffee journey begins? The Coffee Cherry. Have you ever thought about...
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Welcome to our blog!

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